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Total Grounds / Landscape Management


The Total Grounds Management Division handles the landscape maintenance and seasonal needs of  Mpdg’s clients. 

Madison Planting and Design Group

The TGM division adds value to clients property by maintaining their grounds in a timely, efficient, and quality manner that allows the homeowner to enjoy a worry free approach to their landscape.  The services provide by the TGM division are as follows:

Madison Planting and Design Group
  • Weekly lawn care
  • Fertilization of lawn and landscape planting
  • Irrigation and landscape lighting checks on a monthly basis
  • Insect and disease control
  • General Pruning and plant care
  • Seasonal color installations
  • Monthly inspections of the landscape
  • Monthly customer reports outlining work completed and any potential problems.
Madison Planting and Design Group

Through the TGM division of our company, MPDG continues to provide the quality, value and service that our customers have come to expect from our company and allows our customers to have a property that they can be continually proud of and enjoy.
Madison Planting and Design Group